Star Rush is a feature of the Wordscapes Weekend Tournament. During the Tournament, solve Wordscapes levels in under 3 minutes to receive bonus tournament stars.  

Your Star Rush tier will increase for every level in a row you complete under the time limit. Higher Star Rush tiers award more bonus stars.

Note: Bonus stars currently only go toward your score in the individual Star Tournaments. They will not be added to your Team Tournament score.

If you don’t complete a level in time (under 3 minutes), your Star Rush will break. This means you will not earn any bonus stars for the level, and your Star Rush tier will return to the beginning.

You can enter the Star Rush again by completing a new level in under 3 minutes, or you can keep your bonus stars for that level and keep your current Star Rush tier by spending a few coins. This is a great way to preserve the bonus stars you will earn from higher Star Rush tiers.

Note: Breaking a Star Rush means you only miss out on the bonus rewards for your current level. You will not lose any stars or bonus stars you’ve earned in previous levels.