Coins play a crucial role in Wordscapes, providing you with opportunities to enhance your gameplay and progress through the game's challenges. Here's everything you need to know about coins:

Earning Coins

You can earn coins through various actions within the game:

  1. Finding Bonus Words: Discovering bonus words hidden within the puzzle rewards you with coins. These bonus words are additional words that are not required to complete the puzzle but offer extra rewards when found.

  2. Finishing Sets of Puzzles: Completing sets of Wordscapes puzzles also grants you coins as a reward for your achievements.

  3. Daily Gift: Sometimes, coins are included as part of the Daily Gift, providing you with a bonus for logging in and playing the game regularly.

  4. Solving Challenge Words: In certain puzzles, there is a challenge word with coins placed on top of the blank letter squares. Successfully solving this word earns you the coins and allows you to proceed to the next level.

Using Coins

Coins are primarily used to purchase hints, which can assist you in solving challenging puzzles. Here's how to use them:

  1. Hint Buttons: During gameplay, you can tap the hint buttons to utilize your coins. These hint buttons provide you with hints and assistance to help you solve puzzles more effectively.

  2. For More Information: Refer to the Hints and Boosters section of the FAQ for detailed information on how to use hints and other boosters available in the game.

  3. Completing Activities for Wildlife: Additionally, coins can be used to complete activities for the Wildlife creatures you encounter in the game. These activities may include feeding, playing, or interacting with the wildlife. By spending coins, you can expedite the completion of these activities and earn rewards.

  4. Other Events: Coins may also be utilized in various events or special features within the game. Keep an eye out for opportunities to use coins in events that offer unique rewards or challenges.

Coins are a valuable resource in Wordscapes, providing you with opportunities to overcome obstacles and progress through the game's levels. Strategically manage your coins to make the most out of your gaming experience!