Brilliance serves as a player's score in the game, providing a measure of progress and achievement. Unlike coins, brilliance is not a currency that can be spent; instead, it is accumulated over time.

How Brilliance is Calculated

The amount of brilliance you earn at each level is based on two factors:

  1. Number of Words: The more words you find and complete in a puzzle, the higher your brilliance score will be. Each word contributes to your overall brilliance.

  2. Number of Letters: Additionally, the length of the words you find also influences your brilliance score. Longer words typically yield more brilliance than shorter ones.

By successfully uncovering words and completing puzzles, you gradually accumulate brilliance, reflecting your proficiency and progress in the game.

Brilliance serves as a benchmark for comparing your performance with other players and tracking your advancement through the various levels of Wordscapes. Strive to enhance your brilliance by mastering word puzzles and expanding your vocabulary skills!