You can use Heart Gems to buy eggs. Each egg will contain one of several possible animals. Different eggs have different animal possibilities.  

To buy an egg, tap the egg icon on the Wordscapes home screen. You will see which egg is currently available, and how many Heart Gems are needed for you to purchase the egg. You can also access the egg store from within your Wildlife Collection.

Underneath the egg icon, you will see a timer. When this timer runs out, a new type of egg will be available for you to purchase using Heart Gems.

When buying an egg, It’s possible to receive a duplicate of an animal you already have. Duplicates will help your animal level up. Each animal on the selection screen has a green meter below it. When you get a duplicate then you get credit added to the duplicate meter. When the meter is full, then your animal will level up. When your animal levels up, you can earn new coats and bigger rewards. (For more information on bonuses, view the Leveling Up Your Animal section of the FAQ.)

Note: You will need to have access to the internet or a mobile network in order to access the Egg store, complete activities, or for your animal to awaken.