How do I complete activities with my animals?

With your help, animals can complete activities such as eating, drinking, and playing. When an activity symbol appears above your animal, tap the symbol to begin the activity.

What rewards do animals give after completing an activity?

Animals will give rewards after completing an activity. The rewards can be Heart Gems, Bees, Binoculars, Cocoons, Brilliance and Stars. You receive these rewards based on which animal you currently have selected. To view the bonus details for any animal, tap on the rewards listed underneath the animal’s name on the Wildlife Collection screen.

How long do activities take to complete?

Depending on the animal, the activity may take 30 minutes up to 8 hours. However, you can complete it early by spending a few coins.

What bonus is unique to each animal?

Another bonus unique to each animal is the number of activities they can do before needing to sleep. When your animal sleeps, you can switch to another animal to interact with. If all your animals are asleep, you will need to wait until they wake up to continue interacting with them. The timer below your animal on the Wildlife Collection screen will tell you how long until your animal wakes up.

How do I access my Wildlife collection?

Tap the paw icon on the bottom of your Wordscapes home screen. This will allow you to view all the animals in your Wildlife collection and their bonuses. You can name your animals by tapping the pencil icon and entering a name. You can also view the bonus details for any animal by tapping on the rewards listed underneath the animal’s name.

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Happy gaming and happy Wildlife collecting!