What are Heart Gems in Wordscapes?

Heart Gems are special items in Wordscapes that are essential for unlocking Wildlife in the game.


 Why do I need Heart Gems?

Heart Gems are needed to unlock various wildlife creatures within Wordscapes. These wildlife creatures can enhance your gaming experience by providing Heart Gems and special bonuses that vary between animals. These special bonuses can include binoculars, stars, cocoons, brilliance, and bees.


 How can I earn Heart Gems?

You can earn Heart Gems primarily by completing levels in Wordscapes. However, the amount of Heart Gems you receive decreases the more levels you complete in a single day. This amount resets every day.

 Are there other ways to earn Heart Gems?

Yes, another way to earn Heart Gems is by completing activities with the Wildlife. Each wildlife creature has specific activities that, when completed, reward you with Heart Gems and special bonuses.

 How do I complete activities with the Wildlife?

Activities can be completed by either waiting for the set time required for each animal or by paying coins to collect the rewards immediately.

How do I use Heart Gems to unlock Wildlife?

Once you have accumulated enough Heart Gems, you can use them to unlock new wildlife creatures. Navigate to the Egg or tap on Heart Gem widget, and tap on green button purchasing the egg.

 Can I purchase Heart Gems?

No, at the current version of the Wordscapes, the only way to earn hearts is by playing levels or completeing activities. But you can also participate in Mt. Fortune event and have a chance to win more heart gems.

 Do Heart Gems expire?

No, Heart Gems do not expire. You can save them up and use them whenever you are ready to unlock new Wildlife creatures.

 What benefits do the Wildlife creatures provide?

Wildlife creatures in Wordscapes can offer various in-game rewards and bonuses that enhance your gameplay experience. The specific benefits can vary depending on the creature you unlock.

 Is there a limit to how many Heart Gems I can collect?

There is no specified limit to the number of Heart Gems you can collect. Continue completing levels and activities with your wildlife to accumulate more Heart Gems and unlock more creatures.

 Where can I see how many Heart Gems I have?

You can view your current Heart Gems balance at the top left corner of the game screen by the heart gem widget.

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