What is Wordscapes Wildlife?

Wordscapes Wildlife is an exciting new feature where players can find special eggs and grow a Wildlife collection. This feature adds a new layer of fun and rewards to the game.

How do I participate in Wordscapes Wildlife?

To participate, you need to have reached level 36. Once unlocked, you can start finding eggs and hatching them to discover new animals.

How do I grow my Wildlife collection?

Complete activities and collect Heart Gems to unlock more Wildlife. The animals you discover will provide various rewards, such as Heart Gems and special bonuses like binoculars, stars, cocoons, brilliance, and bees, which you can use while playing Wordscapes.

How do I complete activities with my Wildlife?

Activities can be completed by either waiting for the set time required for each animal or by paying coins to collect the rewards immediately.

What do I need to access the Wordscapes Wildlife feature?

You will need to have access to the internet or a mobile network to access the Egg store, complete activities, or for your animal to awaken.

Enjoy More Information

Enjoy this video that explains more about the Wordscapes Wildlife feature!

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Happy gaming and happy Wildlife collecting!