The Wordscapes Leaderboard is a feature that allows you to see how your Brilliance score ranks against other players both globally and within your specific area. Here's how it functions:

Global and Local Rankings

  • Global Leaderboard: This shows a ranked list of Brilliance scores from players around the world. It's a great way to see how you compare to top Wordscapes players globally.
  • Local Leaderboard: This displays Brilliance scores from players within your specific area, providing a more localized competition.

Facebook Integration

  • Facebook Friends: If you are connected to Facebook, the Leaderboard will also include a separate ranking of your Facebook friends who play Wordscapes and are also connected to Facebook. This adds a personal touch to the competition, allowing you to see how you stack up against your friends.

Monthly Reset

  • Leaderboard Reset: The Wordscapes Leaderboard is reset each month. This means that every player starts fresh with a new opportunity to climb the ranks and achieve a high score for the current month.

Participating in the Leaderboard can add an exciting competitive element to your Wordscapes experience, motivating you to improve your Brilliance score and see how you measure up against other players. Keep solving puzzles and accumulating Brilliance to rise through the ranks!