Tap the paw icon on the bottom of your Wordscapes homescreen. This will allow you to view all the animals in your Wildlife collection, as well as their bonuses. (For more information on bonuses, view the Completing Activities and Animal Bonuses section of the FAQ.)

On this screen, you can also name your animals by tapping the pencil icon and entering a name.

You can view the bonus details for any animal by tapping on the rewards listed underneath the animal’s name.

By tapping the egg icon, you can view which egg is currently available in the egg store and spend Heart Gems to purchase a new egg. (For more information on Eggs, view the Eggs and Discovering New Wildlife section of the FAQ.)

What do I need to access the Wordscapes Wildlife feature?

You will need to be past level 36 and have access to the internet or a mobile network to access the egg store, complete activities, or awaken your animal.

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